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As a spiritual and holistic counselor, speaker, writer, and literary editor, I offer quite an array of services. For more information about all of my services and fees, please visit the Services page.


As a literary editor and ghostwriter, Iím known for keeping one foot in the world of punctuation style, sentence structure, and document configuration, while keeping the other foot in the dimension of spirituality and intuitive creativity. By balancing both of these worlds, Iím able to offer my artistic clients the ďeagle eyeĒ edit their material deserves, while simultaneously upholding (and even enhancing) their unique voice and creative message. For more information about my editorial services, or to view my Eight Common Editing Questions, please visit the Writers’ Corner page.


If youíre looking for that next great book, DVD, or teaching that will knock your socks off and inspire you to the next level, check out the Favorite Titles section. On this page, Iíve compiled a collage of some of the most powerful teachings on the planet.


At this point you might be interested in learning a little more about me. If thatís the case, check out the About/Contact page for a more detailed description of my background and experience.


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